Perfect Imperfect

The works I have created are manifestations of myself. They express who I am, who I want to be, and who I will be. My primary objective has been to communicate to viewers with my life, dreams, and desires through my works. The aesthetic that I have been pursuing with my pieces was creating construction with simple, architectural, and geometric forms, which are beautiful in themselves and that function effectively as jewellery. I view jewellery as analogous to architecture. Both jewelry and architecture must be functional but, at the same time, both need to be aesthetically appealing in order to qualify as works of art. Architecture demands precise measurement and perfect planning, and I have applied that approach in executing my own work, and that has been the perfection in my world.

For one of the projects that I had, I encountered a chance to break a piece which was created to represent myself as a jewellery artist and my ideal. The expectation for it to turn out as beautiful as the original piece was low. However, I was able to find different beauty but it was still connected to myself. There cannot be any alternation or compromise with your perfection. However, the beauty that the piece earned from denying my ideal by breaking my creation that represents myself and my perfection led me to think about the possibilities of finding another beauty in myself which also can be considered as another perfection. With the steps of constructing a perfect object, and destroying it, and reconstructing, I was able to create pieces that give me possibilities of self-discovery.

From "Perfect Imperfect" collection.
Necklace, brooch
Various kinds of wood, ottchil, sterling silver